Each level you will get to in life, you will still have to learn. 
 The learning process begins at a very early age.  At first, one is taught by the parents and siblings.   The next step is to join the school.   The teachers at school will teach the child languages and other courses of science.   Teachers and parents will help the child to unlock the God-given potential.  This choice is based upon the performance of the child in different courses.   The other important thing about school is that it helps the child to learn how to socialize.  People who are good at socializing, are also competent in different things.  At school, there are also other different activities, in which the child can take part in.  Some of those activities are like sports, volunteering organization, faith-based teams, etc.  All these are the things that will help the child to discover themselves.   See Jordan Harbinger

If you are gifted with brain that is too smart to understand science then that is your door to success, but if you have a different gift, you need to go out and exercise it, it will become your joy and blessing to others. Some of them, used to play baseball for example.   Those successful people are so because they have they felt the passion to do something and they followed that passion.  Now that you have discovered your talent at school, get to practice it so often.  Since you have the opportunity to try different things, then you should not limit yourself on just one activity.  Talents like playing music, playing basketball, etc. do pay a lot while one is still young.   Your talent will make you famous, and rich and enable you to try other things in life like investing in other business activities. View The Jordan Harbinger Show

 All those successful people have gone through different challenges for them to get where they are.  All those people you see on TV and read about in newspapers have gone through those challenges.  Be it in music, art, business, sports, science, successful people across all those industries have shared their stories of success.  They share their stories freely to inspire those people who are imitating them to remain courageous no matter what.  So, since their stories are full of treasures and wisdom, then you need to read them.   Some of those successful people have written books narrating their stories.  Some of these people's stories are recorded in books.  If you cannot find those books you can search for them online.   You can buy those books.   The good thing about these media groups is that they do not interview people from one industry, but all.  So, whether you support music, sports games, entrepreneurship, politics, arts or anything else, those platforms have the content.   Once you visit them, you will find photos, videos, and podcasts of those interviewed celebrities online.